Centralized Data Systems

CE3000 designs, produces and manages customized centralized data systems from small PC-based systems to complex online enterprise-level systems. We believe that the tools you use to run your business should conform to your business practices, and that you shouldn't have to change the way you do business because your tools don't work. We use pre-built modules that can be customized to your needs, and can add modules when your needs or budget demand. You get customized software without the high costs and long delivery times of "built-from-scratch" custom software.

We design and build systems to readily exchange data with other systems--making integration with your existing business tools easy and inexpensive.

CE3000 operates its own enterprise-level network center, and can host and manage your CDS to free you from the expense of new hardware, software, training, and maintenance. We can also provide your custom CDS to your IT Department, and provide training and support services.


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