Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the FAQs below for answers to your questions. If you are unable to get the exact answer you need, use the "Click here for help" link in each FAQ category header below to send us a question by email.

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For course content questions only, California paramedics and EMTs may contact an instructor by clicking here. Do not use this link for billing, technical, or other questions.

Getting Started
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How much does the program cost?
How do I enroll?
OK, I’ve enrolled, now what do I do?
How do I earn CE units?
I'm having difficulty accessing some courses and tests.  I keep getting the same pages.  What should I do?
Will my contact information be sold?  Will I be put on a SPAM list?
I can't find courses I've completed in the Certificates folder of my Journal -- what happened to them?
I clicked twice on the submit button on the purchase page.  Will I be billed twice?
When I click "Submit" on the credit card page I get a message that I am being redirected to an unsecure page.  Has my credit card information been compromised?
I already know the material, why do I have to spend time in it again?
I didn't know I had to spend a minimum amount of time in the course.
How do I buy and take courses?
How can I get a refund?

Course/Content Questions
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I’m interested in CE3000. Can I view the course catalog without enrolling?
My state requires me to have a specific number of hours in different categories, how can I tell what CE goes in what category?
Are CE3000 courses for all levels of certification?
How do I view a list of courses I’ve completed?
How do I print out a completion certificate? How do I print a duplicate certificate?
What is the purpose of the Archive folder?
Is a Duplicate certificate as valid as an original?
If I fail a quiz, do I have to take the course again?
How long do I have to complete an invidually purchased course?

License Questions
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What do I need for certification renewal?
I’m not sure what license type I have, how many CE credits do I need and when? I’m not sure if online CE is accepted in my state. Where do I go to find this information?
How do I contact my state EMS office?
How do I track my units and certification deadlines?
My state and/or certification level changed. How can I update this in my Journal?
I didn’t have my EMT license info ready when I registered. How do I enter my license info or update my record?
How do I make changes to correct or update my license information?
I don’t want to provide my EMT license info via the Internet. What do I do?
Are your courses accredited?
I finished a course but now I can't find it on the "Certificates" page.
California regulations limit online CE to only 50% of the required total.  How can I get the rest?
I don't have a license number.  How can I take courses?
I received an email and/or letter that my certificates were revoked because I did not spend sufficient time in the course material.  What do I do?
What's the big deal about time in course?
It doesn't take me 50 minutes to read the material for a one hour class.
Why do you revoke certificates?  Why do you charge for reinstatement of an account after certificate revocation?
It's not my fault that I didn't spend enough time in a course -- you didn't stop me from cheating.
What do I have to do to recertify as an EMT-1?

Technical Questions
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What do I do if I cannot finish a course?
When I click on the link to launch a course or test, nothing happens. What should I do?
I keep getting a 404 error message when I try to take a course test or advance to the next question.  What should I do?
What if I don't have an email account?
Can I use a shared or borrowed computer to take courses on CE3000?
I'm concerned about providing my personal information and credit card information via the Internet.  How can I be sure my data is secure?
I don't have a credit card but I would like to use CE3000. Can I write a check, send cash or a money order or be invoiced?
When I try to take a video course, my computer asks me a question about downloading.  What's wrong?
I've started a video course, but it stops.
I can't launch a quiz from the video course.
I've forgotten my password -- how do I get into my account?
I no longer have the same email address I used when I registered.  How do I change the email address associated with my account?
I cannot remember or no longer have access to the email address associated with my account.
I can't view the link to launch a quiz.  What should I do?
I don't get a quiz when I click on the quiz link.

Group Account Questions
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My department purchased a group subscription and I am a group member. How do I access my group account?
Our department purchased a group account but CE3000 asks for credit card information when I try to take a course. What should I do?
I am a group manager and I just purchased a group subscription for my EMTs. When can they start taking CE courses on CE3000?
I am a group manager and would like to begin tracking the progress of my group members. How do I log in?
I am a group manager and some of my students are not appearing on my group member roster. Why?
I am a group manager. How do I add more members to my group?

Other Questions
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Can I apply my unlimited subscription account to other accounts?


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