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I already know the material, why do I have to spend time in it again?

If you already know the material, then you are not taking a "continuing" education course -- you are just buying a certificate.  Continuing education is designed to do three things -- teach new material, update material previously learned, or refresh previously learned meaterial that has not been used (or was poorly taught the first time).  Taking a course in the same material over and over doesn't teach you anything new.


Would you walk up to an instructor in a traditional classroom and tell them that you already know the material so just give you the completion certificate?  Why would you think you can do that in an online classroom?


Think of it this way -- would you want your family members in the back of an ambulance with a medic who cared so little about learning new things, keeping up to date on what they are practicing, or refreshing "lost" knowledge that they would refuse to take new courses?  The bottom line is that EMS requires continuing education because it is a "profession" -- be a professional and do more than just collect certificates. 

Frequently Asked Questions


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