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I received an email and/or letter that my certificates were revoked because I did not spend sufficient time in the course material.  What do I do?

The law requires students to spend 50 minutes in the course material for each hour of CE earned (50 minutes for a 1 hour course, 75 minutes for a 1.5 hour course, and 100 minutes for a 2 hour course). 


The CE3000 system monitors your activity and sends an audit alert to an instructor if you fail to spend sufficient time in a course.  Like all CE providers, CE3000 cannot issue a completion certificate if you have not spent the required time in the course material and passed the test for the course.  If you complete a course without spending the required time, we must revoke the certificate for that course and notify your licensing agency that the certificate is not valid for CE credit.


Please see section 4 of the Enrollment Agreement regarding this issue.  In general, your annual membership can be suspended for violating this portion of the Enrollment Agreement and a fee can be charged to reinstate the membership.  Egregious or repeated violations will result in permanent suspension.  Individually purchased courses that are revoked cannot be reinstated, and if a student wants to take those courses again must re-purchase the course. 

Frequently Asked Questions


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