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I can't find courses I've completed in the Certificates folder of my Journal -- what happened to them?

The system keeps your course completions in two different folders -- "Certificates" and "Archive".  The Certificates folder is for courses you've completed in your current license period, and the Archive folder is for courses completed in prior licensing cycles.  This allows you to see which courses apply to your current license renewal period. 

Every night the system will check the date of your course completions against the expiration date of your license, and automatically moves courses into the Archive folder.  If the license expiration date in the system has already passed, your courses will be moved into the Archive folder. 

There is no difference in the validity of the courses -- they are just in another folder.  You can print course completion certificates for courses you've completed regardless of which folder they are in.  The Archive is an easy way to keep track of which courses apply to your current license period,  Think of it as two manila folders in your desk drawer -- current class completions are in the folder labeled "Certificates" and old class completions are in the folder labeled "Archive".  

Frequently Asked Questions


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