Frequently Asked Questions

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OK, I’ve enrolled, now what do I do?

Once you have enrolled you can immediately begin managing your CE requirements. Your starting point after you have completed the registration forms and whenever you login is your Journal. Your Journal details your personal information, license information, email reminders, and all of the courses you have taken on CE3000. It is also your access point to update your personal information, print course completion certificates, purchase new courses, resume incomplete courses, and print duplicate certificates. You can also add an outside course, which will be listed on this page for the duration of your licensing period.


You can purchase individual courses or an unlimited annual subscription.  You can see the course catalogs and links to purchase an annual subscription by clicking on the "Purchase Course" link at the top of your Journal.


If you purchase individual courses, you will find them (and be able to start them) by clicking on the "Course Book" link in your Journal.  If you purchase an annual subscription, you will see a flashing red strobe light in your Journal, and you can start courses by clicking on the link next to this light.

Frequently Asked Questions


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