Centralized Assessment System

CE3000 builds and manages Centralized Assessment Systems that meet the specific needs of our clients. Your business uses specific business practices, and you shouldn’t have to change your operations to meet the needs of your data systems. We use pre-built modules that can be customized to your needs, and can add modules when your needs or budget demand. You get customized software without the high costs and loing delivery times of “built-from-scratch” custom software.

Your CE3000 CAS will include a module to register students (or to exchange information with an existing user data system); an access control module (password, access code, or e-commerce); a catalogue of tests; a module for test delivery with multiple test methodologies, formats, and randomization, instant grading and student feedback; a certificate printing module; an administrative console; and a reporting module. Special tools may include pre-testing, multi-level manager access and reports, graphic reporting modules, and data interfaces with other systems. In the future, you can convert your CAS into a Learning Management System by adding a content delivery module without having to purchase an entire new system.

CE3000 operates its own enterprise-level network center, and can host and manage your CAS to free you some the expense of new hardware, software, training, and maintenance. We can also provide your customized CAS to your IT department, and provide technical and support services.

To discuss your assessment system needs, contact Jeff Schneider at 877-563-3330, extension 123 or by email at jfs@ce3000.com.  


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