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It doesn't take me 50 minutes to read the material for a one hour class.

While some medics read faster than others, this argument is generally heard from those students who spend less than a minute in the material.  For everyone else, have you ever been in a traditional classroom and felt everyone was slower than you (or, vice-versa, you were the one who was having trouble keeping up)?  People learn different ways and at different speeds.


Studies show that U.S. high school graduates (generally the minimum education qualification for EMS) read at about 200 words per minute -- and that's reading for pleasure.  The rate drops to around 100 words per minute if the material is unfamiliar or technical in nature.  So if you really read and understand the material, go through the graphs, pictures, exercises and outside links in less than the required time, you are ahead of the curve.  But, the law still requires you to spend the time in the course.

Frequently Asked Questions


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