Jeff Schneider, MPA, EMT-P, has been a paramedic in the private and public sectors, an EMS Chief, a Fire Commissioner, and Chief of the State of California’s water rescue team.  After retiring, he served as Executive Director of California’s largest paramedic school and is now CEO of a continuing education school.


CE Hours
Advanced: 2
Basic: 2
First Responder: 2

First Responder Water Rescue - Module One

By Jeff Schneider

This course, the first of two modules, is designed for BLS and ALS providers. Module One is designed to expose the student to the size of the drowning problem; the drowning victim population and common locations, times, and methods of drowning; and teach the student water rescue scene awareness and safety. Module Two is aimed at the treatment and special needs of the drowning victim.

Author: Jeff Schneider


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