Eileen Dean, MA, MN, MS, RN, is a Nurse Specialist in Prehospital Medicine. She has instructed primary and continuing EMS education for over 25 years. Eileen also serves as Regional Faculty for American Heart Association at the BLS, ACLS and PALS level.


CE Hours
Advanced: 1
Basic: 1
First Responder: 1

Advanced Coronary Life Support - Part VI

By Eileen Dean, MA, MS, MN, RN

This one-hour continuing education course will briefly discuss the current standards of critical emergent assessments and actions necessary for the best outcome of a stroke victim. It will go on to discuss the use of common stroke scales, the Glasgow Coma Scale and common stroke check list questions. The current state of stroke client screening and preparation for the use of fibrinolytic therapy is included. This is not meant to be an exhaustive study of stroke care. It prepares the student at the level expected for a customary ACLS course. Also included in this course is a discussion of the legal aspects of withholding resuscitation, discontinuing resuscitation, obvious signs of death, and medical negligence. Finally, there is a practical guide to avoiding malpractice lawsuits.

Author: Eileen Dean, MA, MS, MN, RN


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